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  This page is intended as an attempt to organize lots of information and data, which I have collected over the time. I hope you will find some useful information here. If you have comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to send me an E-Mail. Special thanks to M. Goryll for many contributions to the computer- and electronics-sections. (For legal details see the disclaimer for this site.)

Klaus Michael Indlekofer
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  • Electronics projects:
    The resonant tunneling diode radio
  • Semiconductor and vacuum tube devices:
    AF139, AF239S, BC107, BF981, BU108
    PC88, PC86, PL509, PD510
  • Vintage video and audio electronics:
    RCA CT-100 (NTSC color TV)
    Philips K6, K7, K8, K9 (PAL color TV)
    Philips LDL-1000 (1/2'' open reel B/W)
    Sony CV2100 (1/2'' open reel B/W skipfield)
    Philips N-1500, N-1700 (VCR, LP-VCR)
    Philips VR2020 (Video2000)
    Sony SL-8000 (Betamax)
    Bosch BCN51 (PAL composite 1'' B format)
    Ampex VR2000 (2'' Quadruplex)
    JVC CR-6000 (LB U-matic)
  • Schematics


  • Operating systems:
    xxxBSD, Linux, VMS, OS-9, ...
  • Computer architectures:
    DECstation (MIPS R2000, R3000, ...)
  • CPUs/DSPs:
    MicroVAX-32, CVAX, Rigel, Mariah, NVAX
    F-11, T-11, J-11
    MIPS (Rx000)
    Alpha (21x64)
    68xx, 680x0


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