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[ Electronics Projects ]  
The tunneling diode radio:
We proudly present a fully functional VHF FM radio with a local oscillator based on an AlGaAs/GaAs resonant tunneling diode and a Si Schottky diode as the mixer element. Here, the special converter design has been chosen to be scalable to the SHF frequency regime. Our radio contains a conventional 10.7 MHz IF section (filters and amplifiers), an FM demodulator and a followup AF amplifier based on consumer electronics components.

tuner head (prototype HF layout) top view

The mixer diode is a HP5082-2800 Si Schottky barrier diode.
The oscillator diode is an MBE grown double barrier AlGaAs/GaAs series 13024 resonant tunneling diode fabricated at the fz-juelich. A planar device definition was obtained via H+/B+ ion-implantation.

3/29/2001. (c) 2001 by K. M. Indlekofer, J. Malindretos (fz-juelich/MBE), all rights reserved.
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[ Electronic Devices ]  
  Semiconductor and vacuum tube devices:
  • AC107
    AF139, AF239S
    BF184, BF494, BF981
    BU108, BU208D
  • ECC85, PC88, PC86, PC900, PCC88, PCC189, PCF86
    ECH41, ECH81, EF89, EABC80, EAF801, EBF89
    ECC81, ECC82, ECC83, EF86, ECL86, EL95, EL84, EL34

    PCL85, PCL805, PL805
    PCF802, PL500, PL504, PL509, PL519, PD510, PY88, DY86
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[ Vintage Electronics ]  
  Vintage video and audio electronics:
  • links (with references in the text):
    Mikey's vintage technology (reel2reel)
    Vintage Audio, Video and Television Site
    TV museum (NL)
    Museum of Early Video Editing Equipment and Techniques
    Early Television Foundation (Early Color Television)
    Pete Deksnis' page

    Eckhard Etzold's page: Old B/W + PAL color TVs, schematics and more
    Fred Hofmanns' page: Classic Radios and TVs
    www.tvhistory.tv by Tom Genova

  • RCA NTSC color TVs:
    CT-100 (CTC2 chassis) (NTSC color TV)
    Pete Deksnis: restoration, schematics download, infos

  • Philips PAL color TVs:
    (in Eindhoven (Netherlands),
    "Goya": 26'', "van Gogh": 22'', "Goya Royal": special edition Goya,
    old naming: Dxxyzzz/aa with xx=picture size, y=factory, zzz=type, aa=housing type, "K" in chassis type stands for "Krefeld",
    tubes + semiconductors: Valvo)
    chassis types:
    K4=21KX100A (AX53-14 (equivalent to RCA Kinescope 21FBP22) delta CRT, 70°, circular 21'', originally NTSC-4.433, later used as PAL prototype via "PAL-upgrade" module, combined dual-tube horizontal drive + HV generator, 1964, Mikey's vintage technology: info, Etzold's page: lots of K4 pictures and infos)
    K6 (A63-11X delta CRT, 90°, first commercial PAL TV by Philips, 1967, HV triode shunt regulator)
    K6N (K6 with electronic tuner, 1968)
    K7 (A66-120X delta CRT, 90°, HV triode shunt regulator, combined dual-tube horizontal drive + HV generator, 1969)
    K7N (improved K7, focus diode now semiconductor, 1970)
    K8 (A66-140X delta CRT, 110°, 1971, separate HV generator and horizontal sweep output drive, "Royal" has sensor buttons)
    K9 (A66-140X or A66-410X (improved cathode) delta CRT, switching mode power supply, first fully transistorized PAL TV by Philips, dual-transistor horizontal drive, 1973, "Royal" had ultra sonic remote control + VCR time constant switch)
    K9i (improved K9, A66-500X or A66-510X inline CRT, 1976, "Royal" had ultra sonic remote control + voltage synthesized tuning (no PLL) + on-screen display)
    K12 (A66-510X inline CRT, cutoff regulation, 1978, "Royal" had frequency synthesized tuner (PLL))
    K12i (improved K12, A66-540X (inproved gun, self convergent, but often not so reliable as A66-510X) inline CRT, 1979)
    K12z (improved K12i, fully isolated from mains, baseband video I/O, 1981, "Royal" is Stereo version)
    K30 (A66-540X inline CRT, 1982)
    K35 (A66-540X inline CRT, 1982)
    K40 (A66-540X inline CRT, 1985)
    2A, 2B, 3A, 3B

  • Telefunken Pal color TVs:
    (in Hannover (Germany) and Ulm (Germany, tubes + semiconductors),
    PAL was developed by Walter Bruch at Telefunken in the 60s,
    Telefunken is electronics daughter of AEG,
    tubes + semiconductors: Telefunken,
    later tube division became VideoColor (Italy),
    AEG later sold to DaimlerCrysler,
    semiconductor devision of Telefunken later called Temic,
    later chassis development transferred to Imperial (Italy, former Telefunken daughter) and rest of Telefunken sold to Thomson (France))
    chassis types:
    708 (A63-11X delta CRT, 90°, 1967, HV triode shunt regulator, links: Etzold's page: PALcolor 708 T)
    709 (A66-120X delta CRT, 90°, 1968, no HV shunt regulator)
    710 (like 709 with A66-140X delta CRT, 110°, 1971)
    711 (A66-410X (improved cathode) delta CRT, fully transitorized, 1974)
    712 (A66-510X inline CRT, 1976)
    712A (improved 712, new power supply, 1978)
    714 (A66-540X (inproved gun, self convergent) inline CRT, 1980)
    615A (A67-701X (VideoColor, thin neck))
    then Imperial and Thomson

  • Grundig PAL color TVs:
    (in Fürth (Germany),
    tubes + semiconductors: Valvo, Motorola, TI, Toshiba,
    later Grundig joint venture with Philips)
    chassis types:
    series 1000, 3000
    series 50xx (300V thyristor horizontal sweep output + HV, 1972), 60xx (5000 with ultra sonic remote control "Teledirigent"), 80xx (60xx as cube)
    (see also Eckhard Etzold's page for Grundig Zauberspiegel (B/W), Type 349

  • Metz PAL color TVs:
    (in Fürth (Germany))
    Eckhard Etzold's page: Metz 6285

  • Loewe (Opta) PAL color TVs:
    (in Berlin and Düsseldorf, later Kronach (Germany),
    TV pioneers, Manfred von Ardenne was senior developer at Loewe in the early 30s)
    chassis types:
    F903 (A63-11X delta CRT, 90°, 1968)
    F1130 (A66-140X delta CRT, 110°, 1972, tubes only in horizontal sweep output, cascade HV generator)

  • Graetz/Schaub Lorenz/ITT PAL color TVs:
    (ITT (in New York, "International Telephone & Telegraph Corporation") became main share holder of the Lorenz AG in the early 30s,
    SEL (in Pforzheim (Germany), "Standard Elektrik Lorenz", www.antik-radio.de: history) was founded in the late 50s as a fusion of Schaub, Lorenz and various other companies,
    Intermetall (in Freiburg (Germany)) was acquired by ITT in ?,
    later Mirconas acquired ITT Intermetall in the late 90s,
    Graetz (in Altena (Germany), www.hytta.de: history) was sold to SEL in the early 60s,
    consumer electronics division of SEL sold to Alcatel in the 80s,
    then consumer electronics division of SEL/Alcatel sold to Nokia in the late 80s,
    passive components + tubes: SEL,
    semiconductors: Intermetall)
    chassis types:
    Kornett Color
    Landgraf Color
    Burggraf Color (26'', ultra sonic remote control)
    Fähnrich Color (20'')

  • Nordmende PAL color TVs:
    (in Bremen (Germany), formerly Mende,
    later sold Thomson)
    chassis types:
    Spectracolor series (special-design TVs with housings in various colors)

  • Saba PAL color TVs:
    (in Villingen-Schwenningen (Germany),
    later sold to Thomson)

  • VTRs (open reel):
    Philips LDL-1000 (1/2'' open reel B/W, 1969)

    Sony CV2000, CV2100 (1/2'' open reel B/W skipfield, 1967)

    Bosch BCN51 (PAL composite 1'' B format)

    Ampex VR2000 (2'' Quadruplex)

  • VCRs:
    Philips VCR: N-1500, N-1502, N-1700 (VCR, LP-VCR)

    Philips VR2020 (Mikey's vintage technology: Video2000)

    Sony SL-8000 (Betamax)

    JVC CR-6000 (LB U-matic)

  • Timecode & Editing: EECO

  • Studer/REVOX:
    (in Regensdorf (Switzerland))
    www.revoxservice.ch service,
    www.revoxonline.ch REVOX infos,
    www.reeltoreel.de REVOX infos,
    www.revox.net REVOX infos,
    open reel infos
    audio tape recorder models:
    G36 (info)
    A77 (info)
    A700 (info)
    B77 (info)
    PR99 (info)
    B710 (info)
    B215 (info)
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