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[ inside a fridge ]  

The following pictures show how it looks like inside a compressor of a refrigerator...

(Note: The cooling system (heat pump) of a refrigerator or an air-conditioner is a closed gas-system, which becomes inoperative once opened!!! Furthermore, older systems might contain substances (e.g. CFCs) which can be harmful to the environment and should be handled according to applicable laws. Therefore: Do not try to open or manipulate such a system unless you are authorized and know what you are doing!!!)


The compressor (still fully functional...)


The compressor after the (irreversible) removal of the cover:
The cavity contains a motor (in the lower part, also within the cavity) which is attached to a piston pump (upper part, as seen in the picture). view:
The thin copper pipe is the high-pressure outlet, the rest of the cavity constitutes the low-pressure side (inlet), which is also partially filled with a special oil (for lubrication and cooling of the motor plus pump).


The inner part:
One can clearly see the motor and the piston pump. The whole assemply was mounted via three springs to avoid vibrations.


The separated piston pump...
Low-pressure inlet to the left, valve-assembly in the upper part of the picture, high-pressure outlet to the right.


The piston... (diameter approx. 1.5cm)

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